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im at prismatic tour


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Reform the University of Kansas' response to sexual assault.



I don’t know how to explain this situation but this is something that has been ongoing at my school for quite a while now… alI I’m asking for is if you guys would take the time to read this and possibly sign it. (If you could also share that would be pretty cool too). I would really appreciate it because this is one of the MANY cases that gets reported and nothing really gets “done about it.” (I.E the punishment being just community service - sometimes nothing). There’s so many more details to this story than what this petition says, but if all the signatures are acquired it’d be a huge step in the way cases like these are handled at my school.


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But how has Gaga been a flop? Cause her album didn’t sell a Million week one? Cause her singles don’t play on the radio either? Last time I checked Beyonces singles aren’t on the radio. The only one I hear is Drunk In Love… And Katy Perry only has air play with Dark Horse? Like I’m so confused as to why she’s flopping?